Sunday, November 18, 2007

Only Three Days...

3 Days Until "After the Fall" #1

Season One
Episode 1.01: City Of
"Russell Takes Flight"

After Russell Winters, a business savvy vampire, escaped alive (or undead) after a fight with Angel, the ensouled vampire took it upon himself to burst into the door of Wolfram and Hart and dispatch Russell in a way that can only be described as "gangster." Angel started the war with Wolfram and Hart with a simple kick... That is, he kicked Russell's rolling chair directly into the window, which he crashed through. Before the vampire could even fall to his death, he was burned to ashes by the sunlight, leaving only his chair to crash against the ground. That is, IMHO and all that, the third best moment of the series. But as far as bad assery goes, this is number one. Though Bad Ass Wes shooting that prick in "A Hole In The World" has to be really high up there. That's probably #11 on the best moments list.

3 Days Until "After the Fall" #1

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