Friday, September 28, 2007

Season 8 News

That's the cover for #10 variant cover, by Georges Jeanty. The woman in the middle is "Robin", the winner of Joss' contest. This 'very special issue' will feature her, as well as a heart to heart between Buffy and Willow. The interior is drawn by Cliff Richards.

About #11, the other standalone. Looks like Jeanty will be drawing that one, from the piece of press Dark Horse just released.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



The trailer for this show looked ridiculously stupid. I was put-off. Uninterested. Eye-rolly. Well, until I logged onto my computer for my daily read of Whedonesque, the most reliable Whedon site on the net. It had a link to a site that was pegging "Reaper" (a show about a kid whose parents have sold his soul to the devil) as the new 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' I was a little more than skeptical. Hell, I even chuckled. But that was really all it took, a comparison to Buffy, for me to give the show a try.

I'm glad I did. The first episode, which premiered last night on the CW at 9, was really entertaining. It has a lot of off-color humor, pop-culture references galore, awesome demons (that fire demon guy was way badass), and even one or two 'deep' moments. For a first episode, I think that's pretty damn good. All the actors--except, perhaps, the man who plays Sam's father--are competent enough, and some of them are even good. The exchanges between Sam and his best friend "Sock" are hilarious--I mean, the humor really is the backbone of the show, so far. The way Sam's introduction to his new supernatural life is handled is a little too "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" for my tastes, but I do have hope that that aspect of the show will get better.

Overall, is it the new Buffy? Not by a long shot. But is it good? Yeah. Different, but good.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Spike: Shadow Puppets #4

Hey guys. Sorry to stink up the place with rotten news, but it turns out--from what I've been seeing--that "Shadow Puppets #4" doesn't come out until NEXT Wednesday. Which is a drag, yeah, but it'll be cool to go into the comic shop and pick up both the new Buffy and the new Spike issue. It'll sort of be like the olden days; catching a new episode of Buffy and Angel all in the same week.

To cheer your little hearts up, I decided to put a little list of pretty cool (Non-Buffyverse) things that'll be coming out soon.

September 25th
Leven Thumps and the Eye of the Want (Book; fantasy; 12 and +; quirky as hell)

September 26th
Supernatural: Origins (Issue Five) EITHER THIS WEEK OR NEXT WEEK (A comic prequel to an awesome show)

October 3rd
Anita Blake- Vampire Hunter (Comic): First Death #2 (A comic prequel to a book series that ranges from good to okay to stinky)
Runaways #28 (Need I elaborate?)

October 16th
The Invisible DVD (Movie. I never saw it, but the description looks pretty good. I'll be buying)

October 23rd
Veronica Mars- Season Three (The Joss Whedon show that Joss Whedon didn't make)

October 31st
Supernatural: Origins (Issue Six)

November 6th
Dresden Files #1: Storm Front (Re-released in Hardcover. Awesomeness between cardboard)

November 7th
Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born TPB (Collecting the comic prequel to another awesome book series)

December 4th
Anita Blake (Book Seven) Burnt Offerings (Re-released in Hardcover)
24: Season Six (Not the show's best season, but hey, Jack Bauer can kick Chuck Norris' ass any day)

December 11th
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (DVD) (No explanation needed)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sorry, All

I haven't updated in a while. There really has been a lot going on in the Buffyverse, and I hope no one has missed anything. But, in case anyone has, I'm going to give a comprehensive list of links detailing new information about all the things we crave to get our greedy little nose-pickers on.

Oh, and btw... Spoilers at all the links.

#1. This is the most exciting link I've got to offer. It's a five-page preview of the "Angel: After the Fall Issue #1." We find out some amazing things here, and it pretty much makes me want to bake Brian Lynch his favorite sort of cake and/or pie.

#2. That is a five-page preview for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight, Issue #7." It's the second part of Brian K. Vaughan's "No Future For You" arc... And we get a peek at some pretty cool exhanges between Dawn/Willow and Faith/Giles. Not to mention a flashback. And what kind of Buffy fan--or especially Angel fan, for that matter--doesn't like flashbacks?

The "a" link is Franco Urru's variant cover art for the second issue of "Angel: After the Fall." It's been big on the controversy, but I personally love it and wish that everyone else would just chill and wait until the comics come out before they pre-judge it and get all pissy. The "b" link is Tony Harris' cover to the same issue, which I feel is vastly better than his cover to Issue #1. Amazingness. Finally, the C link shows you--if you scroll down a little bit--an advertisement for "After the Fall #2" and gives a little blurb on it, without spoiling anything.

That's it for the links, but I've got a few bits of news... Some stuff you already know, some not so much.

9/26: THIS WEDNESDAY, the conclusion to "Spike: Shadow Puppets" comes out. Get it! You know I'll be reviewing it the day it comes out... as long my copy is reserved, as it should be.

10/3: Buffy: Season Eight #7 comes out! That's less than two weeks from today. Anyone in desperate need of some Joss Whedon comics will be double-pleased this day, because "Runaways #28" also comes out this Wednesday.

10/10: If that wasn't enough Buffy for you--bleh, what am I saying, of course it wasn't. The trade paperback collecting "The Long Way Home" and "The Chain" comes out. It's the first Season Eight TPB, so it should be very cool.

11/?: The first issue of ANGEL: After the Fall comes out. I'll update when we get a solid date.

11/7: Buffy: Season Eight #8

11/28: Buffy: Panel to Panel (pretty much an artbook of the previous covers and stuff, from what I understand)

12/?: Angel: After the Fall #2.

12/5: Buffy: Season Eight #9

12:15: As far as I know, the "Spike: Shadow Puppets" trade paperback comes out this day.

Check the site often, because I'll be posting more often than I have. Not all Buffyverse stuff, but cool stuff nonetheless. Since this isn't a paid site, it's a lot easier just to log in and write something up in my spare time, so updating shouldn't be a problem. I've actually been thinking of doing a cool little poll/awards thing for the year in Buffyverse comics and etc., but I'll post more about that at another time. Mmkay.

Later cheese graters.
PS: For those who "hate spoilers" and have posted that in the comment section, I say unto thee: "Duh." This is a review/news site. I take the time to make anything that is a big spoiler blacked out so that only those who want to see it can highlight it and see it. But when I'm posting the advertisement or the cover for an issue of a comic that hasn't come out yet and you read it... Come on. Come on. Remember, I'll keep blacking out the major spoilers, but at the end of this year, we're going to get a heavy onslaught of new material. The reviews for the comics, which will likely be out the week the comics comes out, will be a bit spoilery. It's what a review means. It gives a little on the story, and the review's reaction. I would never go to a review site for a project that I fear may be spoiled. Okay. Rant over.

Good Enough To Consider It A "Lost Episode" Of BtVS

What Is It?: "Ring of Fire" is a graphic novel, written by Doug Petrie who has written notable episodes for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", such as the fan-favorite "Fool for Love."

Timing: This story takes place in Season Two of Buffy, right after "Passion."

REVIEW: I was surprised by "Ring of Fire." When I began to read it, I was under the false assumption that Christopher Golden (a writer for the comics and books, who hasn't convinced me of his talent yet) had written it. I was immediately blown away by how the dialogue captured the personalities of each character as well as the tone of the show perfectly. Wondering how Christopher Golden had suddenly become such a good writer, I flipped to the index and saw that he, of course, hadn't written it. Doug Petrie, a writer for the actual television series, had. Well, let me say this: If this is his first venture into comics, he is a natural. The pacing is perfect, and the writing truly brings me back to what I feel was the best period of the show: The Angelus arc.

The story is a simple "stop demon from killing people" kind of thing, but the dialogue and the twists in the plot, such as the introduction of Kendra into the mix, are what sustains the story. However, speaking of Kendra, I couldn't help but note how jarringly out of character she is. She's speaking like Faith, which is very non-Kendra-esque. No matter; it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the story. Petrie manages to insert this tale into a tight spot in the Second Season that craftily manages to develop the characters without contradicting anything that happened subsequent to the events of the story. This graphic novel is actually better than a few of the actual television episodes that followed "Passion" (ex. "Go Fish", "Killed By Death"), as it dealt with certain aspects that weren't explicitly addressed on the television show.

Art: "Ryan Sook." The name of this artist, when said to a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," either causes sneering or smiling. After seeing his art in the "Spike and Dru" one-shots, I found myself more among the sneering crowd. His depiction of the characters in the SPIKE AND DRU comics was crude and often made their faces look hideous, though I did note that he had a knack for complex backgrounds. However, his art in "Ring of Fire" wasn't nearly as bad as in the aforementioned one-shots. He often got dead-on likenesses of all the major characters. There were a few major slip-ups (he can't draw vamped out faces at all), but for the most part the art ranged from satisfactory to good. His art never got in the way of the storytelling, but actually complimented it this time around.

Characters We Know: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, Giles, Angelus, Spike, Drusilla, Kendra, Jenny Calendar

Rating: 9/10

*NOTE: Hold out on buying this. It's much more practical just to pick up the Buffy Omnibus Volume 2, which reprints this as well as six other Buffy comic stories in one volume*

"Right Back To The Beginning! Not The Bang, Not The Word... The True Beginning"

What Is It?: "The Dust Waltz" is the first Buffy graphic novel that Dark Horse published. It was written by Dan Brereton with pencils by Hector Gomez. It is from the first run of non-canonical Buffy comics.
Timing: The timing is ambiguous, though Scott Allie has recently stated in the opening to the second BtVS omnibus that it is--contrary to what Wikipedia says on the matter--set in Season Three of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Knowing that, it can only take place between "Revelations" and "Lover's Walk." All the characters know about Angel being alive, but Cordelia is still smitten with Xander and Willow is dating Oz. It is impossible for it to be set in Season Two, because Willow and Oz don't officially become an item around the time Angel loses his soul... So that leaves the only open spot for this comic to be between B3-07 and B3-08.

REVIEW: This is a very early Buffy comic. "The Dust Waltz" takes place in--contrary to popular belief--mid-Season Three of BUFFY and is the first Buffy graphic novel that Dark Horse ever published. The story is surprisingly coherent and fits in nicely with the mood of early Buffy. The tone is light and the voices, for the most part, are pretty on point. The one character that the writer messes up here is Buffy Summers herself; she, in "The Dust Waltz", is for the most part a clueless and annoying character. Her charm wasn't captured in this depiction of her.

I also had a problem with the inclusion of Giles' niece. She was a character who simply added nothing to the story; the story could have been told the exact same way without her, and our main characters would have a lot more page time than they do. However, I have to add that the plot itself is actually very creative... much more so than I'd expect for the first adaptation. I won't spoil anything, but it includes a demon competition over the Hell Mouth.

Art: The art is old school. Very old school. Some of the colors are inconsistent, causing confusion when you try to identify characters. Also, a big thing for me was the depiction of Willow. Compare her and Cordy's face. Their faces are drawn EXACTLY the same way. They could be twins. Plus, Willow's hair is brown here; same as Cordy's. I really, really don't get that. And Xander looks like he belongs on the cover to a Saved By the Bell DVD set. While the story gets points for being innovative, the overall effect of everything suffers from the way the characters are portrayed.

Characters We Know: Buffy, Giles, Willow, Cordelia, Angel.

Rating: 6/10

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holy Avengers, Giles!

I've been waiting for this for a while. Ever since I happened upon what could only be the art for the final issue of the "No Future For You" arc. You know, fiery Faith? The naked chick? Yeah. When I first came upon that cover in the wall-paper section of the Dark Horse site, it had no subtitle to let us know what it was. But what else could it be except the cover to Issue #9? Scott Allie told us there'd be a cover like it, and there it was.

It was exciting to happen upon it so early, but it made me wonder how long it would take for the variant and the little blurb about the issue to come out. I mean, the three (the Jo Chen cover, the Georges Jeanty variant, and the blurb) usually come out together.

So we've been waiting...

And here it is. One of the funniest covers Jeanty has produced, which is interesting... The Jo Chen cover looks so serious, but the Jeanty... Much with the comedy!

But it's good. Jeanty's variant covers have ranged from mehhh to mmmm, and this is definitely worthy of the latter. Matter of fact, here's my take on his variants.

Issue #1: Great. The demon is monsterific and you can't go wrong with Buffy in action
Issue #2: One of my favorites. Great way to show off three shiny new characters
Issue #3: Interesting, as it goes along with the theme of waking Buffy up (putting her back together), but not as good as the previous two
Issue #4: Lazy. Buffy, Willow, and Xander stand across a white background. A considerable let down after two great variant covers and one okay one.
Issue #5: This is my favorite Jeanty variant (it kicks the ass of Paul Lee's variant by a mile). This is, so far, the only issue that I feel had a better Jeanty variant cover than the Jo Chen cover. Brilliant.
Issue #6: This was pretty good. Moody and all, but kinda the same as three. Not disappointing like the cover to #4, but also pretty plain. Though the colors do kick ass.
Issue #7: This made me say "WTF" to all my mates. What's up with this cover? Is that Buffy? Do all these character put cotton in their cheeks?
Issue #8: Buffy, Faith, and especially 'Gigi' look considerably better in this variant cover than they did in #7, and the logo dug into the table is cool... But unimpressive. With a cover like Jo Chen's 'Faith vs. Buffy' for the same issue, this one comes up quite flat.

Okay. So it seemed as if Jeanty might've been slacking off for the last few covers, but now it seems he's back on track.

Oh. And I almost forgot. The little blurb (or is solicitation a better word) for the final issue (#9) to the "No Future For You" arc.

"Slayers battle to the death in the thrilling conclusion to Brian K. Vaughan's four-issue run on Buffy Season Eight."

Frustratingly ambiguous, eh? Yeah. But we're better off not knowing for now. I mean, "slayers" could mean any of the following, based on what we know from Issue #6 and from the covers...

a) Faith vs. Gigi
b) Faith vs. Buffy
c) Faith/Buffy vs. Gigi
d) Buffy vs. Gigi
e) Many slayers vs. Gigi
f) The slayers Gigi captured in her "blooding" game vs. Gigi
g) Good slayers vs. slayers influenced by Gigi (are there any?)

So pretty much, we know nothing more than we did yesterday. But hey, we've got a new badass cover, haven't we?
Ohh, and Bee Tee Dub.
The issue comes out DECEMBER 5TH, everyone.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What Happened Here?

What is It?: "Stake to the Heart" is a trade paperback collecting four issues of a pre-Season One Buffy adventure by Fabian Nicieza.

Timing: After "Slayer Interrupted", before BtVS: Season One. This is the third and final story arc of the "Buffy: Year One" series.

REVIEW: The story behind "Stake to the Heart", the final arc in the Buffy: Year One series, is hard to follow, but not in the way that one would feel stupid because they couldn't understand. It's just that the writing is just so completely convoluted that it makes the story indecipherable. We are left with unanswered questions aplenty: At what point did Buffy see the demons? If she couldn't see them all along, how did she fight them in the end? What changed TO make her see them? Could they harm other people? Because--I'm not going to spoil it--but something happens to a character other than Buffy that SHOULD have killed that character, but in the end said character was left unscathed. However, in the final part (Part Four) of this trade paperback, the story gets back on its feet as Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce enter Sunnydale and settle into their new home. All I have to say about that is writer Fabian Nicieza has 'brass testes' for that joke/reference he made as Joyce laid exhausted in the couch when they first arrived in the new house. The joke is ballsy, creative, and perhaps a bit tasteless... and it's also memorable.

Angel's story line is interesting, and makes for the best reading in this trade paperback. We see him hanging out with Whistler, the demon introduced in Season Two of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" who helped Angel get back on his feet, and they inadvertently cause most of the trouble in this book. Angel tries hard to correct his mistakes, and that's where a major error occurs. Whistler and Angel discuss options, and Whistler goes to WOLFRAM AND HART for help. In the television show ANGEL, Angel had never heard of Wolfram and Hart. Though I realize that this trade paperback isn't part of the Buffyverse canon, an error in the continuity so large is very hard to ignore.

So what went wrong here? We know that Scott Lobdell, who co-wrote the first two arcs of "Buffy: Year One" with Fabian Nicieza was absent for this volume. But previous arc, "Slayer Interrupted", wasn't much better than this. I guess "Buffy: Year One" will go down as a one hit wonder.

Art: Cliff Richard's pencils are good; nothing at all different from the previous arcs of Buffy: Year One. What makes this arc special is that some of the pages are actually painted, the art here done by Brian Horton. The monsters are especially beautiful, and I can say the same for the covers (also painted by Brian Horton). So, while this trade paperback doesn't have much in the way of story, the art is something to be treasured. But, sorry Mr. Fabian Nicieza... Good art isn't enough to rescue this trade paperback from the depths of suckage. Buffy: Year One started off strong with "Viva Las Buffy" and plummeted to the aforementioned depths as quickly as Sisqo's career fell off.

Characters We Know: Buffy, Dawn, Joyce, Angel, Whistler, Hank Summers, Giles, Xander, Willow, Jesse, and -ahem- Lilah Morgan.

Rating: 4/10

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Wait Is Over

What Is It?: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Issue #6: No Future For You pt 1 (written by Brian K. Vaughan)

Timing: BtVS Season Eight, follows the events of "The Long Way Home"

REVIEW: This was by far and away the best issue of Season Eight so far. But let's back track a little before we get too ahead of ourselves.

There has never been a Faith-centric episode before in either "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel." I hear the gasps now. "What about Revelations, Bad Girls, Sanctuary, Orpheus, Who Are You, or Dirty Girls?" I see your point, guys. Faith was a major character in those. But those episodes aren't Faith-centric the way that 'The Zeppo' is Xander-centric, and 'Real Me' is Dawn-centric. See, in those Faithy episodes, we mostly just see Faith through other people's eyes. 'Who Are You?' is the exception to that, but even in that episode, we just see Faith simultaneously trying mess up/live Buffy's life. But here, we get a full on Faith-centric story, with the Bad Girl herself as the main character. That went on a little longer than I thought it would, for the record.

About the comic. It's, as they say, gold. The story was told perfectly, without the sometimes confusing transitions that made up "The Chain" and were sometimes present in "The Long Way Home." Each scene is given ample time to play out, and--instead of huge, swooping revelations and the return of old characters aplenty--what Vaughan concentrates on here is the subtle way each character's personalities reveal themselves when said characters talk to each other. The best examples of this are the Faith/Giles scenes in this issue: In a few short pages, so much seems to happen between these two characters. He gives her a mission (introducing the main plot of this arc), he trains her (and he SPOILER: gets stabbed by her with a SPOILER: fork), and the two of these characters connect and relate to each other in a way that they never have on the actual show.

The Buffy/Xander scene is interesting, but doesn't reveal much. It's funny, because I--and many other Season Eight readers--were under the impression that black borders on a page mean that it's a dream sequence. However, the Buffy and Xander conversation, black borders and all, seems utterly real. There was no indication whatsoever that the conversation was part of a dream; my only guess is that it was black-bordered because, perhaps, Buffy talks to Xander about dreams that she HAS been having, but other than than, I'm coming up with nothing.

Now, this is usually where I start to get into the downside of the comic, but turns out that there really isn't any. All I have as of complaints is something about Giles' attire that I'll bring up in the ART section, but everything else here seems perfectly fine. Vaughan's writing is perfect in capturing the characters, and he clearly is a great comic-script writer. If I were to say anything I didn't like about this issue, it wouldn't be part of the story. It's actually something that I read in the "Slay the Critics" section. Someone wrote in to ask the question many of have been debating on since the release of Issue #3. "If Warren didn't die, how could The First Evil take on his form in Season Seven." Joss himself actually stopped in to answer that question. His answer is, and I quote, "He was legally dead for like a second. Amy didn't tell him 'cause she didn't want to upset him. I forgot, okay?!" One thing I've always admired about Joss Whedon is the attention that he gives to continuity, and I admit that it's very big of him to admit his error. However, I think he could've explained it away much better and made the fans much happier than the way he answered it. Warren very plainly tells Willow in Issue #4 that her "Bored now" were the last words he heard of his human life. Well then. Joss simply could've said that the fact that Amy's magic--not at all a human, or living, function--was sustaining Warren, and that he--like a vampire--was to be considered UNDEAD. That would allow for him to be the walking, talking thinger that he is AND for The First to appear as him. But oh well. There's our answer.

Oh, by the way, that in no way is meant to be an insult to Joss. I love the guy. Hell, I'm known for putting the smack down on anyone who disses him. I just kinda felt we deserved a better explanation than that, is all.

But, about the actual comic itself, it's great. Really great. Up until today, "The Long Way Home part 3" was my favorite issue of the series. Well, it's just moved to second place, because "No Future For You part I" rocks out with its youknowwhat out.

Art: Reading this felt like watching an episode of Buffy. The art was atmospheric and spot-on. The panelling of the issue was interesting, and really different than that of Issues 1-5. And different is always intriguing. There was more use of the empty white space in some pages, and I liked that. The scene with Lady Genevieve is particularly beautiful, and it makes me realize how much I missed Georges' art. About what I mentioned before though. Giles' shirt. It's just.... no. Really, really no. Please, never again Georges.

Characters We Know: Faith, Robin Wood, Giles, Buffy, Xander

Speculation: I might be jumping the gun, but I think that Roden, the "Irish witch" and/or "passably attractive warlock" is going to be the Big Bad of Season Eight. He is, by the looks of it, both powerful and manipulative, and seems like he might be around for the longrun. To make a connection to Issue #1, I'm also thinking he's the guy who was flying over the castle. Yup, the much-speculated-upon booted man. I've heard people guess that the booted man was Spike, Angel, General Voll, and even Riley (!?). Problem with that? None of the above can fly. I'm willing to bet that if this Roden guy can conjure rock monsters out of his hands with no trouble at all, he can surely fly. Plus, he's got a friggin' Twilight book (or is it a portfolio folder? ;]) in his hands. This is surely our man.

Rating: 9/10*

*I'd give it a classic 10/10 rating, but as it's only the first issue of a four issue arc, I think I'll see how the next few go before I start dishing out 10/10s.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"After the Fall" Goodness

I have to warn you guys before I go any further. This entire entry is not a review. It is a big, juicy spoiler-soaked rag of information. Everything here is a spoiler, so I've made it where only those who WANT to be spoiler will be.

If you WANT to read this entry and find out details on THREE CHARACTERS WHO WILL DEFINITELY appear in "Angel: After the Fall", then you will have to HIGHLIGHT the text (a bit below) with your mouse.

There is also a picture, to back up the spoilers. To see that, just scroll down. That's pretty much the only way I can hide the picture.

By the way.... Don't post your reactions here. Brian Lynch has asked that everyone who posts this links back to him (, so if you want to make with the reactions, please do so over at his myspace! He is the writer of this sure-to-be-eye-poppingly-wonderful series and deserves to here our reactions. I, for one, think it's amazing.


From here on out, you'll have to highlight to read.... GO!

(SPOILER HERE:) 1. Connor and Gwen will appear in "After the Fall."
2. There is a third person standing next to them. It appears to be Harmony, from the light hair and the attire. Not to mention the boobage.
3. The cover to Issue #2 will be Spike-y. (END SPOILER)

On second thought, I'm not posting the picture from "After the Fall." To see that, you've got to head over to the link:

Trust me. It's worth the click. Really really really.

For Real This Time

1 Day Until "No Future For You, Part I"

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"You think we might make it?"

2 Days Until "No Future For You, Part I"
Today, read "The Chain" to get yourself caught up.

Nope, that's not a typo. Turns out (no thanks to any official website for letting customers know) that the comic is coming out on THURSDAY, not this WEDNESDAY. Kinda throws a BFH into the read-one-comic-each-day-until-#6-comes-out thing I had going here, but hey, whatcha gonna do. If we waited this long (the last 'arc' comic came out in friggin June), then we can wait one more day.... Right?

Monday, September 3, 2007

"I'm about ready to pop!"

2 Days Until "No Future For You, Part I"
Today, read "The Long Way Home, part IV" to get yourself caught up.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ready To Cut Loose?

3 Days Until "No Future For You, Part I"
Today, read "The Long Way Home, part III" to get yourself caught up.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Because it's wrong!

4 Days Until "No Future For You, Part I"
Today, read "The Long Way Home, part II" to get yourself caught up.