Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"After the Fall" Goodness

I have to warn you guys before I go any further. This entire entry is not a review. It is a big, juicy spoiler-soaked rag of information. Everything here is a spoiler, so I've made it where only those who WANT to be spoiler will be.

If you WANT to read this entry and find out details on THREE CHARACTERS WHO WILL DEFINITELY appear in "Angel: After the Fall", then you will have to HIGHLIGHT the text (a bit below) with your mouse.

There is also a picture, to back up the spoilers. To see that, just scroll down. That's pretty much the only way I can hide the picture.

By the way.... Don't post your reactions here. Brian Lynch has asked that everyone who posts this links back to him (, so if you want to make with the reactions, please do so over at his myspace! He is the writer of this sure-to-be-eye-poppingly-wonderful series and deserves to here our reactions. I, for one, think it's amazing.


From here on out, you'll have to highlight to read.... GO!

(SPOILER HERE:) 1. Connor and Gwen will appear in "After the Fall."
2. There is a third person standing next to them. It appears to be Harmony, from the light hair and the attire. Not to mention the boobage.
3. The cover to Issue #2 will be Spike-y. (END SPOILER)

On second thought, I'm not posting the picture from "After the Fall." To see that, you've got to head over to the link:

Trust me. It's worth the click. Really really really.

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