Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sorry, All

I haven't updated in a while. There really has been a lot going on in the Buffyverse, and I hope no one has missed anything. But, in case anyone has, I'm going to give a comprehensive list of links detailing new information about all the things we crave to get our greedy little nose-pickers on.

Oh, and btw... Spoilers at all the links.

#1. This is the most exciting link I've got to offer. It's a five-page preview of the "Angel: After the Fall Issue #1." We find out some amazing things here, and it pretty much makes me want to bake Brian Lynch his favorite sort of cake and/or pie.

#2. That is a five-page preview for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight, Issue #7." It's the second part of Brian K. Vaughan's "No Future For You" arc... And we get a peek at some pretty cool exhanges between Dawn/Willow and Faith/Giles. Not to mention a flashback. And what kind of Buffy fan--or especially Angel fan, for that matter--doesn't like flashbacks?

The "a" link is Franco Urru's variant cover art for the second issue of "Angel: After the Fall." It's been big on the controversy, but I personally love it and wish that everyone else would just chill and wait until the comics come out before they pre-judge it and get all pissy. The "b" link is Tony Harris' cover to the same issue, which I feel is vastly better than his cover to Issue #1. Amazingness. Finally, the C link shows you--if you scroll down a little bit--an advertisement for "After the Fall #2" and gives a little blurb on it, without spoiling anything.

That's it for the links, but I've got a few bits of news... Some stuff you already know, some not so much.

9/26: THIS WEDNESDAY, the conclusion to "Spike: Shadow Puppets" comes out. Get it! You know I'll be reviewing it the day it comes out... as long my copy is reserved, as it should be.

10/3: Buffy: Season Eight #7 comes out! That's less than two weeks from today. Anyone in desperate need of some Joss Whedon comics will be double-pleased this day, because "Runaways #28" also comes out this Wednesday.

10/10: If that wasn't enough Buffy for you--bleh, what am I saying, of course it wasn't. The trade paperback collecting "The Long Way Home" and "The Chain" comes out. It's the first Season Eight TPB, so it should be very cool.

11/?: The first issue of ANGEL: After the Fall comes out. I'll update when we get a solid date.

11/7: Buffy: Season Eight #8

11/28: Buffy: Panel to Panel (pretty much an artbook of the previous covers and stuff, from what I understand)

12/?: Angel: After the Fall #2.

12/5: Buffy: Season Eight #9

12:15: As far as I know, the "Spike: Shadow Puppets" trade paperback comes out this day.

Check the site often, because I'll be posting more often than I have. Not all Buffyverse stuff, but cool stuff nonetheless. Since this isn't a paid site, it's a lot easier just to log in and write something up in my spare time, so updating shouldn't be a problem. I've actually been thinking of doing a cool little poll/awards thing for the year in Buffyverse comics and etc., but I'll post more about that at another time. Mmkay.

Later cheese graters.
PS: For those who "hate spoilers" and have posted that in the comment section, I say unto thee: "Duh." This is a review/news site. I take the time to make anything that is a big spoiler blacked out so that only those who want to see it can highlight it and see it. But when I'm posting the advertisement or the cover for an issue of a comic that hasn't come out yet and you read it... Come on. Come on. Remember, I'll keep blacking out the major spoilers, but at the end of this year, we're going to get a heavy onslaught of new material. The reviews for the comics, which will likely be out the week the comics comes out, will be a bit spoilery. It's what a review means. It gives a little on the story, and the review's reaction. I would never go to a review site for a project that I fear may be spoiled. Okay. Rant over.

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