Monday, September 24, 2007

Spike: Shadow Puppets #4

Hey guys. Sorry to stink up the place with rotten news, but it turns out--from what I've been seeing--that "Shadow Puppets #4" doesn't come out until NEXT Wednesday. Which is a drag, yeah, but it'll be cool to go into the comic shop and pick up both the new Buffy and the new Spike issue. It'll sort of be like the olden days; catching a new episode of Buffy and Angel all in the same week.

To cheer your little hearts up, I decided to put a little list of pretty cool (Non-Buffyverse) things that'll be coming out soon.

September 25th
Leven Thumps and the Eye of the Want (Book; fantasy; 12 and +; quirky as hell)

September 26th
Supernatural: Origins (Issue Five) EITHER THIS WEEK OR NEXT WEEK (A comic prequel to an awesome show)

October 3rd
Anita Blake- Vampire Hunter (Comic): First Death #2 (A comic prequel to a book series that ranges from good to okay to stinky)
Runaways #28 (Need I elaborate?)

October 16th
The Invisible DVD (Movie. I never saw it, but the description looks pretty good. I'll be buying)

October 23rd
Veronica Mars- Season Three (The Joss Whedon show that Joss Whedon didn't make)

October 31st
Supernatural: Origins (Issue Six)

November 6th
Dresden Files #1: Storm Front (Re-released in Hardcover. Awesomeness between cardboard)

November 7th
Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born TPB (Collecting the comic prequel to another awesome book series)

December 4th
Anita Blake (Book Seven) Burnt Offerings (Re-released in Hardcover)
24: Season Six (Not the show's best season, but hey, Jack Bauer can kick Chuck Norris' ass any day)

December 11th
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (DVD) (No explanation needed)

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