Monday, December 13, 2010

Spike #3

Spike #3

"Everybody Loves Spike"

Written by Brian Lynch

Art by Nicola Zanni

Spike #3 was good.

I love Lynch's writing. It's funny, emotional, smart, and true to the characters. At this point, though, we're almost as the halfway point in the Spike series, and I'm still waiting for an outright epic moment. Lynch delivered the "oh shit" moment early in Angel: After the Fall. In fact, we get two of those moments in the first issue and then another game-changer at the end of the third. With Spike: Asylum, I was wowed from Page One. While I'm consistently laughing while reading Spike, I've yet to be emotionally riveted or outright captivated. I like what's going on in Spike's head, and I hope we get a bit more depth to it. I love the cast. Losing Franco this early on in the series was devastating, but my thoughts are more concentrated on hoping he gets well soon than wishing he were on the book. The art in this issue is mostly good, though it's a bit static, making the action scenes a bit awkward and confusing. I can't wait until Mooney jumps on the book.

But again, I liked it. There is an awesome scene between Betta George and Drusilla that made me laugh out loud, and everything with Groo is wonderful. I just want a bit more emotional weight or tension or anything to heighten the drama at this point. There is a moment between "Jeremy" and Spike that's pretty dramatic, but it's brief. For me, After the Fall was the best story ever told about these characters, and I'm looking forward to when Spike ups the ante and brings the drama to the same level. Not at the expense of the humor, of course, because the funny is a bit part of what makes Spike Spike... but I'm just waiting for a bit more. Fully enjoying what I'm reading, aside from some confusing action scenes due to the art, but waiting for it to be captivating.

On the technical side of things... there were just so many typos. It's happened in the past and I usually don't include it in reviews, but it was actually jarring this time. On the title page, the chapter name suffers from the same problem that the second half of the "Connorland" issues had... it's not updated. The book is called "Everybody Loves Spike," but the title page still says "What Happens in Vegas Slays in Vegas." George says "He hangs out with Angel and company. Well, I think switched teams but that's still him." and I don't know what was really being said there. Two pages later, Spike says "There are different... kinds of vampire." leaving off the "s." In the next panel, the dialogue bubble doesn't have a period. Again, not problems with the story... but jarring to see so many typos one after the other in the final product. I hope they get fixed for the collection!

Now, don't get me wrong. I loved the first issue and liked the second and the third. I know Brian has amazing, character-altering stuff to throw our way... I just hope that it happens soon. We've got five issues until Spike bows out, and I trust IDW and Brian more than anyone--yep, anyone--to tell a story worthy of the character. I can't wait until I'm able to give an outright glowing review to another Spike issue.

Oh, and Beck is awesome.