Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holy Avengers, Giles!

I've been waiting for this for a while. Ever since I happened upon what could only be the art for the final issue of the "No Future For You" arc. You know, fiery Faith? The naked chick? Yeah. When I first came upon that cover in the wall-paper section of the Dark Horse site, it had no subtitle to let us know what it was. But what else could it be except the cover to Issue #9? Scott Allie told us there'd be a cover like it, and there it was.

It was exciting to happen upon it so early, but it made me wonder how long it would take for the variant and the little blurb about the issue to come out. I mean, the three (the Jo Chen cover, the Georges Jeanty variant, and the blurb) usually come out together.

So we've been waiting...

And here it is. One of the funniest covers Jeanty has produced, which is interesting... The Jo Chen cover looks so serious, but the Jeanty... Much with the comedy!

But it's good. Jeanty's variant covers have ranged from mehhh to mmmm, and this is definitely worthy of the latter. Matter of fact, here's my take on his variants.

Issue #1: Great. The demon is monsterific and you can't go wrong with Buffy in action
Issue #2: One of my favorites. Great way to show off three shiny new characters
Issue #3: Interesting, as it goes along with the theme of waking Buffy up (putting her back together), but not as good as the previous two
Issue #4: Lazy. Buffy, Willow, and Xander stand across a white background. A considerable let down after two great variant covers and one okay one.
Issue #5: This is my favorite Jeanty variant (it kicks the ass of Paul Lee's variant by a mile). This is, so far, the only issue that I feel had a better Jeanty variant cover than the Jo Chen cover. Brilliant.
Issue #6: This was pretty good. Moody and all, but kinda the same as three. Not disappointing like the cover to #4, but also pretty plain. Though the colors do kick ass.
Issue #7: This made me say "WTF" to all my mates. What's up with this cover? Is that Buffy? Do all these character put cotton in their cheeks?
Issue #8: Buffy, Faith, and especially 'Gigi' look considerably better in this variant cover than they did in #7, and the logo dug into the table is cool... But unimpressive. With a cover like Jo Chen's 'Faith vs. Buffy' for the same issue, this one comes up quite flat.

Okay. So it seemed as if Jeanty might've been slacking off for the last few covers, but now it seems he's back on track.

Oh. And I almost forgot. The little blurb (or is solicitation a better word) for the final issue (#9) to the "No Future For You" arc.

"Slayers battle to the death in the thrilling conclusion to Brian K. Vaughan's four-issue run on Buffy Season Eight."

Frustratingly ambiguous, eh? Yeah. But we're better off not knowing for now. I mean, "slayers" could mean any of the following, based on what we know from Issue #6 and from the covers...

a) Faith vs. Gigi
b) Faith vs. Buffy
c) Faith/Buffy vs. Gigi
d) Buffy vs. Gigi
e) Many slayers vs. Gigi
f) The slayers Gigi captured in her "blooding" game vs. Gigi
g) Good slayers vs. slayers influenced by Gigi (are there any?)

So pretty much, we know nothing more than we did yesterday. But hey, we've got a new badass cover, haven't we?
Ohh, and Bee Tee Dub.
The issue comes out DECEMBER 5TH, everyone.

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