Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Core Four

4 Days Until Angel: After the Fall

So far, we've seen moments 10-5 of the top ten Angel moments. We're getting real close to the nitty gritty folks, all leading up to moment number one on the eve of "After the Fall." So, so soon.

Season Five
Episode 5.12: You're Welcome
"Cordy's Goodbye"

When Cordy got out of her coma and helped Angel overcome both Lindsey and his own personal problems, our hero thought that he was going to have his support-girl, the woman he loved, back by his side. But, things are never so easy in the Buffyverse. Cordy had only been allowed to help Angel back on his path as a favor from the Powers That Be. I'll let the dialogue speak for itself.

Codelia: Oh...and you're welcome. (She leaves)
Angel: (answers the phone) Hello. Yes, I know. She's... but that's impossible. She's standing right… (turns to look for Cordelia, but she's not there, he becomes visibly upset) I'm sorry. Yeah. (choking up) So when… when did she die? Did she, um...she never did wake up? I see. (hangs up, looks out to where Cordelia was standing moments earlier) Thank you.

4 Days Until Angel: After the Fall

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