Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NINE DAYS Until "After the Fall"

I don't usually do countdowns. The only time I've done one before was for the sixth issue of Buffy: Season Eight, and that was because was hadn't had a Buffy comic--not counting the lackluster The Chain--for a long, long time. Well, you know what we haven't had for a longer time? We haven't had Angel for a friggin' long time. Not the character, not the series. Since AtS was stolen from us years ago by the Circle of the Bl--I mean, the network, we've been suffering without it. We've been slowly dying without it, because really, who can live without a story about an ensouled vampire? Certainly not this fan. We've been suffering for way, way too long.

That's all coming to an end very soon.

In nine day... That's November 21st... That's next Wednesday... We're going to get the official canonical continuation of Angel: The Series. If this is your first time coming here and/or you've been living under a rock with no internet connection for the entire year, than maybe you don't know about this upcoming series. It's called "Angel: After the Fall" and it's a 12+ issue maxi-series written by Brian Lynch (who penned the brilliant Spike: Asylum and Spike: Shadow Puppets) and plotted by, you guessed it, Joss Whedon.

Every day until the 21st, I'll be counting down the days until "After the Fall" with you. In celebration of the upcoming squeegasm, I'm also going to be counting down the TEN BEST 'ANGEL' MOMENTS. Or, you know, my favorites. Hey, don't blame me. If I'm pretentious enough to make a review site, I'm certainly pretentious enough to make a countdown list! :]

Okay, then. Let's go to work.

Season Two
Episode 2.16: Epiphany
"Angel Saves Kate"

After a moment--or, you know, hours--of desperation with Darla, Angel has an epiphany when he realizes that, even though he had sex (and, according to Darla, it was damn good), he did not lose his soul. He leaves that part of his past behind and rushes off to do what he does best; help the helpless. Despite the fact that he lacked an invitation, Angel burst into Kate's apartment just in time to save her from her attempted suicide. This simultaneously restores faith in both Kate and Angel; The Powers that Be are so invested in both Angel and Kate that they allowed him to pass through her threshold, uninvited, so that he could be her hero. Kate's arc is brought to a beautiful close, and Angel has--in helping her--regained his purpose in life.
9 Days Until "Angel: After the Fall #1"

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Peter 'userpjx' Wilson said...

Awesome start. That should totally be on the top ten. It was shocking back when I saw it originally, but sort of faded in time. Angel at it's best.