Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Angel: After the Fall NEWS

Yeah, that's the one. Finally, after waiting years since that final battle cry in "Not Fade Away", we get the first solid chunk of news concerning the continuation of Angel, known as "Angel: After the Fall." To the left of is the cover to the first issue of the series.
Don't think I've been slackin'. I've wanted to update about the recent downpour of Whedony news, but I was unable to do so this week, do to something that really pisses me off. Buuuut now I'm back and ready to dish to those few who don't already know.


Writer: Brian Lynch
Story By: Joss Whedon/Brian Lynch
Art: Franco Urru
Covers: Tony Harris

Brian Lynch says: (about Franco Urru's image of Angel in "Shadow Puppets #2") Angel in SHADOW PUPPETS # 2 was a dream sequence version of Angel. Kinda like Spike's version of him (...). He was handsome, young, and kinda high school jock-ish. That's how it was described in the script, and Franco executed it perfectly, but it's not Franco's "classic Angel"."

This is the info we've gotten about it so far, edited for your reading ease...
Angel: After the Fall will be a 12+ issue maxiseries that will pick up the Angel franchise following the cliffhanger at the end of Season 5. Angel creator Joss Whedon was named as the “Watcher” on the series, which will be written by Lynch, and illustrated by Franco Urru, with covers by Tony Harris. The series will start in November, and will, Ryall said, “tell the story that people have wanted to read since we started with the Angel and Spike comics.” Is it canon? Duh.

The 12 issues of the run will be broken into arcs, separated by a month after each arc. A special issue will fill in each month that a regular series issue isn’t being released. The first special will be called "First Night" and will feature several stories looking at other characters in the mythos who will not be playing larger roles in the main story.

Remember Beta George? The psychic fish from Asylum and Shadow Puppets? Yeah, he's been inducted into canon. We'll have to wait until we get the first issue of Angel: After the Fall to see if this means that Asylum and Shadow Puppets have been retro canonized as well. Those comics, I feel, deserve their place in the canon of the Buffyverse.

Brian Lynch: “The cast was about to fight a fight that they were going to lose, and this series deals with the fallout of that; Angel knew going in that he was going to lose, and this is the fallout of him taking a stand against a force that he couldn’t beat”

Chris Ryall (IDW): "It will show Angel and his team dealing with very heavy issues like the fact that they were actually defeated at the end of the show and what that means to Angel."
November 2007

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