Friday, February 1, 2008

Let's take a minute...

Let's take a minute to reflect on what's coming up this year, because... a whole lotta stuff is on the way.

+ Buffy Omnibus, Volume Three... it's out already. It wasn't advertised that well, since Dark Horse is STILL saying it came out two days ago. Well, seeing as I got it a week ago, that is false. Also, I got it in a major book store chain, and those always get trade paperbacks delivered AFTER comic shops do. So, I'd wager the omnibus came out January 17th in comic shops and the following Friday in bookstores. Thanks, Dark Horse. They're on top of their game with comic release dates, but they've been horrible with trade paperback dates. They gave us an ever-changing and ultimately WRONG release date for the "The Long Way Home" TPB and now this? Come on, guys... If I hadn't stopped to put the Buffy TPBs in order (OCD?) at the bookstore, I would have NEVER noticed the "Volume 3" on the bottom of the book.

NOTE: TFAW says it was released the 10th... but they're hardly ever right. They've been consistently saying that the "After the Fall" comics come out a week later than they have been.

That being said, let's get into upcoming dates you'll want to remember.

Feb 6th: Buffy, Season Eight #11: A Beautiful Sunset
*Feb 20th: Angel, After the Fall #4
Mar 5th: Buffy, Season Eight #12: Wolves at the Gate, part I
*Mar 19th: Angel, After the Fall #5
Apr 2nd: Buffy, Season Eight #13: Wolves at the Gate, part II
Apr 16th: Angel, After the Fall #6: First Night, Part I
May 5th: Buffy Omnibus: Volume Four
June 4th: BtVS Season Eight, Volume Two: No Future For You TPB

*tentative, based on how they have been released thus far

Other small tidbits of news...

1. It looks like the After the Fall story arc-within-a-series "First Night" is going to be expanded. On his blog, Chris Ryall said that it started as a standalone, expanded into a two-issue story arc, and now looks like it is going to be three issues. The comic details what happened to the characters on their first night in Hell. Ryall said that "After the Fall #9" will go back to the main plot we've been reading about in Issues 1-5. He also went on to say that, so we won't be away from the main plot for that long, the 9th issue will likely be released TWO WEEKS after the 8th issue (which will conclude the First Night arc), instead of one month.

2. Pre-order Brian Lynch's new comic miniseries "Everybody's Dead" here.

3. Dark Horse has advised comic shops to order more copies of Buffy #12 because something huge will happen in that issue. Anyone who wants to discuss what they think this is can do so in the COMMENTS section. Except don't say things like "Buffy will be sired!" Intelligent theories only. Truly, why would Joss vamp Buffy when he and Brian just vamped Gunn! It would be the same story. Other than that, discuss away!


Peter 'userpjx' Wilson said...

Iy seems to me that Oz might return in Buffy 12. Joss said he would eventually... and come on: "WOLVES at the Gate".

PatShand said...

I agree. Though not 12, per say, but at least during the arc.

Paulus Cerberus said...

Maybe is Anya. I read that she will return as a Spirit. Oz it is not that Great as the Great Anya

Matt said...

I thought about buying the Buffy Omnibuses, and for a while REALLY wanted to, until I realized that those old Dark Horse comics are actually really, REALLY bad.


PatShand said...

Some are really, really bad. Most of Volume Three is, as its the older stuff. However, some just aren't. Take "Ring of Fire" for example. I gave it a 9/10, which puts it on par with some of the stuff that's been coming out recently (Season Eight; After the Fall, etc). While the vast majority of Dark Horse's original run on Buffy was average at best, there are a few exceptional standouts.