Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sorta-New Covers

So we've got some new stuff going on. Mainly covers. I'm sure you've seen them all, but I do like to wait a bit after they're released before posting them. It seems rude to the original site that has posted them to put it on MY blog the day they put it on their site, eh?

Buffy #15 Variant. I know, I know, we haven't gotten any #14 covers yet. That's just how this particular cookie crumbled. Thanks to CowbowGuy from the SlayAlive forums, we get this one early, which I think is pretty awesome.

L -> R: Dracula, Xander, Renee, Buffy, Andrew, Willow, Satsu

SlayAlive Variant to Angel #5, by Stephen Mooney.
Though the concept has little to nothing to do with the description of the issue... hey, it makes for a cool cover!

"Angel After the Fall #6: First Night" Cover B
This is by the Sharp Bros, colored by Art Lyons. Contrary to oddly popular belief, that gun-blasting fellow is indeed Wesley. Duh, much?
Now, this very special cover is for the first two issues of "First Night." It will connect when you put the issues together, which is pretty awesome.

Also, sorry for the faulty info (thanks, TFuckingAW) but the cover for "After the Fall #5" was not by Rebecca Wrigley. It was by Andrew Robinson, much like #3 and #4 were. THIS cover, however, IS by Rebecca Wrigley.
In other news.... it seems as if "First Night" has exapanded into THREE issues. However, according to Chris Ryall, the next "After the Fall" comic that continues the main story (#9, at this point) will be released in the same MONTH as "After the Fall #8, First Night part 3" so we don't get too behind on the story. It will likely come out TWO WEEKS after #8.
See you all soon!


Paulus Cerberus said...

Dracula?? I Knew It! It wasn´t Riley after all. Maybe my english is a little "grrr" but is the first time i leave a comment here. I´m Paulus, from Argentina and always read your blog. It`s great. Thanks for the covers. I´m following the comics on-line because i cant´find it here, on Argentina (argetina)
Keep doing this. You are doing it great. Bye

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