Friday, February 15, 2008

It would be nice... know when ANGEL #4 is coming out.

In other news, a lot of new stuff has been released recently. I'll link you to all the sites for the various covers and images.

Cover to Buffy #14 by Jon Foster [AWESOME RATING: 0/5. We don't even get a freaking face. There is nothing that separates this from any other comic cover. I was pleased with Foster's #12, but he's been turning out garbage ever since. Can't wait until Jo Chen comes back for #16.]

Variant Cover to Buffy #14 by Georges Jeanty [AWESOME RATING: 2/5. Why the same exact concept? Well, at least it isn't ugly. And we even get a face!]

A Page from Spike's "First Night" Story by David Messina [AWESOME RATING: 5/5. Messina's best work ever. I'm the first to point out how not-so-good his work on the earlier Angel comics has been, but this is a perfect page. One of the best I've seen from AFTER THE FALL, which is saying quite a lot. And the award for most improved goes tooooooo.... MR. MESSINA!!!!]

A Page from Wesley's "First Night" Story by Nick Runge [AWESOME RATING: 5Million/5. Okay, I'm biased. It's Wesley. It's Wesley and Fred. But damn that's a good page. DAMN that's a good page.]

A Page from Lorne's "First Night" Story by Jon Byrne (now in color, though the text is gone) [AWESOME RATING: 1/5. Byrne is famous and all, but I'm just not liking this page. The style is very cartoony, and though it is about Lorne...who is a singing green guy with horns... the style just doesn't fit ANGEL.)

The Cover to Angel #6 (the first part of "First Night") [AWESOME RATING: 4/5. When it's pared with the cover for #7, which is the other half of it, this is probably the best painted cover we've gotten from AFTER THE FALL so far.]

ALSO, big thing about "First Night." It's no longer just two issues. It will consist of THREE issues. That's right, "Angel: After the Fall 6-8" will be the First Night arc. For all those worrying that too much time will be spent AWAY from the main "After the Fall" story (left off in Issue #5), I wouldn't worry. Chris Ryall has stated that "After the Fall #9," the one picking up on the main story will likely be released TWO WEEKS (not a month) after #8, which will conclude the "First Night" arc.

For anyone interested in the SLAYALIVE Angel Interaction contest, keep checking out the site. The cover for #6 will be revealed soon, according to CowboyGuy, the site moderator.

Some stuff coming soon on this site will be:

+ A review of the "Shadow Puppets" TPB.
+ A huge list of videos of Buffyverse related people and other comic reviews.
+ A review of TFAW's "Nick and Dent" program
+ *crosses fingers* The review for After the Fall #4.

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