Monday, October 1, 2007

Reminder... And A Stern Scold

+ Wednesday: Buffy #7 and Shadow Puppets #4 come out. Don't forget to get a copy of both issues! Support the 'verse.

+ Moonlight: New television series, familiar concept. Might sound wonky at first. Seems to me, though, people came into the picture expecting, wanted, even hoping to hate it. If you were any more negative, peeps, I'd have to name you Nancy. Give the show a chance. The pilot episode this past week wasn't horrible at all, and it's a new supernatural show. If a show like this succeeds, it'll make the biz more prone to taking on supernatural kinda shows. Screw Grey's Anatomy and Flavor Flav, that's the kinda TV I want to watch. So for the sake of all things fantasy, give Moonlight a --(insert Spikeism)-- chance, would you, you --(spikeism)-- --(spikeism)--s!


Anonymous said...

Good job, Patshand! I'm enjoying your positive approach to a wide variety of creations for some segment of the Buffyverse fandom.

I do agree one should give creators a chance before judgment; you give reasoned approaches to why you have your favorites--who knew we'd be fans (of fans) in those gifted individuals making the Jossverse? I credit Joss for "growing the "awareness" of specific "flavors" in the talents he used and shared with us, something comic book readers already have enjoyed through the decades.

I'm grateful to have found your blog, even if I don't share enthusiasm for every concept reviewed--I'm not sure if discussion is appropriate or wanted as it isn't a forum--you have not shut the door on those who might. Thank you.

PatShand said...


Discussion is very much encouraged! I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but thanks for the comment!