Friday, October 5, 2007

Horray, much?

It was originally implied that there would be a break between issues #9 and #10 of Buffy. Turns out? Not so much.

Buffy: Season Eight #10 (Standalone written by Joss Whedon, pencils by Cliff Richards)

BLURB: Buffy and Willow meet a demon who reveals a dim future, forcing the two to reflect on their past. Meanwhile, back in Scotland, Dawn confides in Xander the deed that led to her mysterious growth spurt.

The Jo Chen cover is right to the side. The Jeanty variant was posted a few entries ago. It doesn't look like we'll be getting an extra rare cover from Cliff Richards the way we got the Paul Lee one for "The Chain", but one can hope.

JANUARY 2nd, 2008
No title, yet.


Kenictionary said...

That is amazing. You are totally my go to guy on Buffy news.

Buffysmglover said...

When did anything say there'd be a break? Scott said in Slay The Critics in Issue 5 that there wouldn't be one for at least a year probably.

PatShand said...

The original plan, said by Scott Allie when talking about the "No Future For You" arc, was this: There was going to be a one month break after #9, and then no break for a year. That's changed, obviously.