Thursday, October 4, 2007

Brand New COVERS and Brand New NEWS and some SEASON NINE information

I'll be, ahem, straight forward

(Tony Harris will no longer be doing covers. With this third one and on, Andrew Robinson has taken over)

Information on Buffy: Season Eight #10- Scott Allie says... "That’s a housekeeping issue. That’s how things start with Joss. He goes “I have to fill a blank. There’s this thing I have to address, and it turns into something so much more. Issue #10, we did a contest on MySpace where you write in and say “this is how BUFFY affected my life,” and Joss picks the winner and the winner will be drawn into an issue of BUFFY. Joss read all the entries, and was really moved by a lot of them and the winner he was struck by and he basically wrote Issue #10 about her, sort of. It’s a Willow and Buffy issue, with some Xander. It’s an issue that catches you up and shows you how things are screwed up with our characters." He also said, in an audio interview, that the issue is comparable to episodes like "Hush" and "The Body." Oh yeah, and it'll make you cry fan tears.

Information of Buffy: Season Eight #11- We find out who/what the Big Bad of the season will be.

Information on DREW GODDARD's arc (ISSUES 12-15): Some vampires get a new power that isn't very vampire-y. The Scoobs head to Japan to dig up some info on the case. *Sigh* Sounds so good.

SPOILER (Highlight to Read:) At some point in the season, Dracula will make a cameo.

SEASON NINE: Scott Allie says... "It’s a real ambitious thing and we’ve already sketched out what Season 9 would be. At one point, I was pretty sure Season 8 would be the end of all of this. The original idea looked like that was it, but now we have a Season 9, that would be much different than Season 8. We might take a break, but when Joss and I talked about it, Joss said he might want to take a break between eight and nine – “maybe a month.” That’s barely a break. It’s not even a summer, but yes, Season 9 should happen pretty soon after this"

Check out the Scott Allie interviews at the following links:

Oh, yeah... And we'll be getting a release date on "After the Fall #1" by next week.

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Buffysmglover said...

After the Fall issue One will be released November 28th.The Season Nine info was first heard of at my site Buffy & Angel: The Authors around the time Issue 1 came out. I asked Scott about whether or not Buffy would die at the end of the season and he said no because there would be a season nine. Just an FYI. :) And I listened to that interview with Strangely literal. Very cool.

Buffysmglover said...

Oh, and Dracula is rumored to appear in the Japan arc because of a non-canon comic with him and xander in japan.

PatShand said...

1. TFAW released that 11/28 release date. It's wrong. IDW Editor Chris Ryall said the real (and earlier) release date will be announced this coming weekend.

2. The comic with Dracula/Xander is canon. It's part of the Joss Whedon "Tales of the Vampires" project, and it has Xander/Dracula in Africa, not Japan.