Thursday, August 2, 2007

Season Eight News

News on Season Eight...

This is the current line up of writers that we know.

1-4 (The Long Way Home arc) by Joss Whedon

5 (The Chain) by Joss Whedon

6-9 (No Future For You) by Brian K. Vaughn

10 (one-shot) by Joss Whedon

11 (one-shot) by Joss Whedon

12-15 (??? arc) by Drew Goddard

16 (most likely a one-shot)

17-20 (??? arc) by Brad Meltzer


41-45 (??? arc) by Brad Meltzer

46-50 (??? arc) by Joss Whedon

Joss says.... "The idea was always bringing in different writers, people who've either been on our show or powerhouses in comic books. I'm giving everybody an arc to do — or in some cases a one-shot if they didn't have the time. I've already mapped out the entire 40-issue season."

Joss says... "It's been indicated that there are people who are trying to get rid of the slayers because they represent the same kind of magic as the demons. So I'm putting the slayers in the global spotlight for a little bit — really getting to talk about shifts in power and trying to put an end to magic. That's what Buffy's fighting against. It's an epic story. I've asked Brad to plot out the last 10 issues with me and then write the first half, and I'll write the second half. But I'm overseeing every script, every story, every page."

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