Thursday, August 16, 2007

Buffy Variant and Delays

Yup, that's the variant cover to Season Eight: Issue #8. Gives us a bit more to speculate about.

As for those wondering why I'm late with the Shadow Puppets review, let me just say this; if the comic book world were, say, a High School... Brian Lynch has recently become a "popular" kid. The comic was completely sold out within three hours of being put on shelves in my comic shop. Not only that, all the back issues (there were at least five for #2 and three for #1 last time I saw) had been bought except one lonely issue for #2. These are selling like hotcakes, which I can actually say, working at McDonalds and all, that they do sell pretty damn well.

Congratulations, Mr. Lynch, you more than deserve it. I guess I'm either going to have to be at the door by twelve next time, or just reserve my copy. Nevertheless, I'll be posting my review as soon as delievers it. In other words, I should have it by, oh, say... Christmas. ;p

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