Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Upcoming Posts


This is all tentative, as it's the week before two of my staged readings go on, so I have to be on my grind with that... but this is the stuff you should be expecting in the week to come.

WED 2/11: REVIEW FOR Angel: After the Fall #17

THUR 2/12: REVIEW FOR Spike: After the Fall HARDCOVER

FRI 2/13: DOLLHOUSE- Episode One review. Check for it an hour after the episode.

SAT 2/14: "Pat Shand Journeys To Comic Con" Part II. Yeah, I know, late, Buffy Fest pwned me, I concede. This'll be less about the announcements and more about the awesome stuff I didn't get around to in the first entry. I'll talk about meeting Georges Jeanty, Dave Stewart, Peter David, Ben Templesmith, the dude who writes Love and Capes... and then I'll show you all some nice original art I got. Shall be a thing.

SUN 2/15: REVIEW FOR Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog. Wrote it a while ago, not sure why I didn't post it.

MON 2/16: Something I've been holding off on since 12/31/08. I ended 2007 with a "MY YEAR WITH BUFFY" post, so it makes sense to end 2008 with a "MY YEAR WITH ANGEL" post. However, with only two issues left in "After the Fall," I thought it best to hold off until #17 is out. Also, now I get to include my Comic Con experience. So get ready for some sad stories and some happy stories surrounding the reading of the most epic ANGEL tale ever, "After the Fall." Complete with some ANGEL history and pictures of... things.

TUES 2/17: Give me a break, would you? Shooting starts for my short film, ULTIMATE COUPLES THERAPY, today. Can't wait to see the Uber Chick costume and hear some great actors say my lines. Look for a report on this at my personal blog, with maybe maybe maybe pictures.

WED 2/18: REVIEW FOR Angel: Smile Time #2

Until then!

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