Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coming soon, coming soon

Hey all,

This week has been crazy, and all sorts of good things are happening, but it's sort of put a delay on the reviews. Well, review, because Angel: Smile Time #2 was delayed on the East Coast. That review will come out Thursday, and the Angel #18: Aftermath review will come out Wednesday. Yup, on time!
Somewhere between then and now, I'll post my Spike: After the Fall HC review. Truth be told I could review it now, as I've seen the extras and have the book (beautiful volume), but I want to re-read the story before I make with the reviewage. Give a better assessment of the book that way.

If this is all lies and the reviews are delayed, don't blame me. I just started writing a one-act play last night, have no coherent outline, and have to have it in by... well, yesterday, but since I was just informed about the one-act festival, the person in charge might be interested in taking my piece on Monday. Or, if I can get it done, by Sunday. AND all my friends are putting on the last day of the POTENTIAL ENERGY festival (I'm done, though), so I'll be there tonight. Ah. It'll get done.

If I keep saying that, it'll be true.
PS: That isn't a new cover for Aftermath. I wish it were. It's by Ben Templesmith, and it was for Angel: The Curse a few years back. Great, innit?

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