Friday, May 16, 2008

Moonlight Gets The Proverbial BIYA!


They cancelled "Moonlight"


We must do something!?!

We must fight back!!!

We must keep this *intelligent* show on air...




Totally kidding.

I've never been less upset with the cancellation of a genre show. I liked this show better when it was called "Angel" and didn't suck.


Kenictionary said...

Wow. Harsh.

Loki said...

I've not seen it, but the one guy I know who has says it got a lot better, if not outright good, after the first few episodes. Would you say that's true? Just curious, since you seem to be so negative of it.

PatShand said...

Nope. Gets worse. I didn't mind the first episode, hated all the rest, but stuck it out because Veronica Mars's Jason Dohring is in the cast, and he's my favorite actor. But the rest of the cast sucks and the story is beyond contrived. In one episode, a woman thinks her dead husband was cheating on her because he made reservations with a hot chick at a fancy place. Well, she goes there, and the hot chick is there, dressed up like she's going to Cinderella's freaking ball... and the plot twist was that the woman was just the dead husband's jeweler, and that she was doing something with the wedding ring. Well, if she was the jeweler, why were they at the fanciest joint in town, all dressed up? And the sets are horrible; the vampire mythology prevents the vamps from being angsty, yet the lead still is angsty, they just don't describe WHY; the props are awful--in a scene where the vamp bathes in ice, the cubes are *white*. You can tell that they're styrofoam. It's just the least thought out, least intelligent show I've seen other than a reality show. I gave it a chance for many, many weeks, and am thrilled that it's cancelled so that maybe Jason Dohring can get a better job.

Loki said...

Huh. I don't remember how many my friend watched before he thought it improved, but I think it was, like, six or seven or so. He DID complain a lot about it early on, though, so I find it curious that he'd change his mind as much as he did if you didn't.

Anyway, I'll make a note not to prioritize checking this out, then. Thanks. ^^

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought this show was amazing. The first four or five episodes are pretty bad, and up to about eppy 10, they're just okay. But, the post-strike episodes have all been amazing. This show did stuff with vamp culture that Angel didn't even try to tackle.

PatShand said...

"Moonlight" may talk about the culture of some vampire sects (so did BtVS and Angel), but there's no getting around the whole "the writing and acting" sucks thing. For the reasons I listed in these comments and countless others, this just isn't a show worthy of your time. The people that tend to like this show aren't fans of the writing and acting as much as they are of the face and body of the star.

I tried to hard to like this show. Watched it religiously, hoping it would get better. Because if one genre show succeeds, maybe the networks wouldn't be so hesitant to take more genre pilots. The only thing is, the show never got better. An entire season of bad writing, worse acting, and WORSE direction and props... and the only glimmer of hope I saw out of that show was Jason Dohring and well choreographed fights. That's literally it.