Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everybody's Dead #3

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What Is It?: Everybody's Dead #3 (Written by Brian Lynch, part three of a five issue mini-series)

Timing: Continues right from #2

REVIEW: That was so good.

I enjoyed the first two issues, but this one went beyond those for me. As the story unfolds, things get wonkier, jokes get funnier, and the action gets more intense. This would have read like pure cheese if it had been written by a lesser writer, but Brian writes this off-beat story with obvious joy, and that shines through the pages and into the reader. It's very dialogue driven, which is great for a series focusing mainly on comedy. The one-liners are fantastic ("Dude, you just cold-cocked a flaming zombie") and the longer jokes (Westerburg trying to sever a zombie's spinal cord from pages 10-15!) will leave you giggling. Anyone who enjoyed How High or any of the better college movies, or--on the other hand--Shaun of the Dead--will find many things to love in this series.

There isn't really anything bad about this issue. Many third issues usually feel like they're only bridging the main plot points and connecting the beginning of the series to the climax at the end, but this simply doesn't come off that way. There is a lot going on here, and it's all done well. So far, this is looking like it's one of the top five comics of 2008, because I've enjoyed this nearly as much as the Buffyverse titles we've seen this year. Nearly. But yeah, this is an awesome buy with literally universal appeal. Check it out.

Art: Well, I'm no longer on the fence. Crosland's art style definitely suits this, and the way he handled the action here was quite a bit better than how he did in #1 and #2. His art still isn't my favorite, but I think that it works very well for this book and compliments the story quite nicely. Also, gotta say, the cover he did for this issue was awesome.

Rating: 8/10

Non-Buffyverse Related

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