Thursday, March 6, 2008

Non-Buffyverse Week (and change)

Starting tomorrow afternoon and until Angel #5 is released (likely 3/19), I'm going to be posting reviews for non-Buffyverse comics and--gasp--maybe even a few books! Why? Kinda goes against the whole name, purpose, and mission statement about the site, right? Well, yes and no.

See, I thought it would be cool to post reviews for things that I think other Buffyverse fans might like. Also, you'll see some reviews for things Buffyverse fans might THINK they'll like.... until they see me rip it to shreds and talk about how much Dick (Casablancas, of course) it sucks. Tomorrow, we'll be starting with... RUNAWAYS!!!

Oh yeah, but... there will be--as always--some Buffyverse stuff going on. I'll be reviewing "Angel: Long Night's Journey" in a few days, as well as writing a reaction post to some big news we're getting... And I ain't talkin' about Satsu taking Buffy to the Candy Shop, mind.

But yeah, "RUNAWAYS" tomorrow, "The Walking Dead" on Saturday, and "X-Men" (both Joss stuff and not!) for Sunday. Some other stuff you can expect to either be praised or pissed on over this next week and change are... SUPERNATURAL (both the series and the comics), THE GREAT AND SECRET SHOW, Y: THE LAST MAN, VERONICA MARS, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, and... a lotta stuff.

Check back.


Loki said...

Will do.

Point of interest, with the upcoming "Serenity: Better Days", will you review that as well?

PatShand said...

Errrmmmm.... I considered not doing it, but yes. Come to think, I'll also post--and format--the Amazon review I did for "Those Left Behind."

I didn't plan on getting the Serenity comics until the TPB comes out, butttt I gave in and ordered the first on TFAW. "Those Left Behind" was really mediocre, so I'm not going to order the next two issues until I'm sold on the first one.

Plus, those covers? Have you ever seen an uglier thing in your life? lol. The faces are photo realistic but the bodies and hands and backgrounds are sooo cartoony. Gives me the creeps.

But... in short... yes (lol).

Reviewing has made me long-winded.

Loki said...

One of the covers were pretty weird-looking, but I still kinda liked them. They all looked so happy... Which I liked. And I like the title, "Better Days", it sounds all sunny and pleasant. Which these characters really deserve some of.

Agree on low expectations and meh-experience of "Those Left Behind", though. I won't be buying them 'til they come out in paperback, but I'll hopefully be allowed to borrow some issues and read them before then.

PatShand said...

Though I gotta say, my opinion of Brett Matthews is quite a bit higher than it was, oh let's say, yesterday. While "Those Left Behind" wasn't so much with the 'great,' I'm loving "Long Night's Journey" at the moment.

Loki said...