Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Remember how you felt when you first heard that IDW was going to launch a canonical Angel series? How about when you learned it'd be written by Brian Lynch and plotted by both Lynch and Whedon? Great, right? How about when you found out Franco Urru would take on pencil duties?

Well... prepare to feel that way again.

I love spin-offs.


Loki said...

Awesome - but it's really co-plotted by Whedon, right? I'm not sure if I can find it saying so right out anywhere? I mean, I see his name mentioned, but.

I just hope this isn't the first step in a dangerous "let's make a TON of canon comic books" with minimal supervision from Joss-development. 'Cause that'd be said.

This being said; yay!

PatShand said...

I am very happy.

*now let's direct all this happy energy towards my road test this afternoon; my permit expires in May, so I must... WILL pass*


Loki said...

No problem, I'm focusing!

PatShand said...

It totally worked, because I totally passed. Thanks :]

Loki said...

*laughs* Cool. Congratulations!

On a completely different note: Suddenly realizing I never thought to order a subscription to "Better Days" in my local comic book shop. Wonder if they'll think to put one aside for me anyway due to my Buffy- and Angel-subscriptions or not. (They show remarkable geekyness in their capitalist ways, these people). Sigh, if they don't, I guess I'll have to wait for the TPB...

Matt said...

I'm not completely sure how I feel about this.

Certainly I'm excited and I'll buy it, but it sort of seems like a way to get a new "Spike" book out there rather than a story that was begging to be told. I sort of feel like this is something that should be dealt with in the main story (if it's important enough to warrant it at all) and if that results in adding more issues to "After the Fall," all the better.

I dunno, maybe I'm being too anal. I guess we'll see.