Monday, November 29, 2010

Buffy Reboot

Where have you been, commenters?

Have you guys seen the awesome interviews with Mariah Huehner and Bill Williams? Just keep on scrollin'!

Also... if you guys ask nicely and butter me up (I mean with actual butter, I'm kinky), I might just maybe will review Buffy #39 on Thursday.

Oh, also, there's a Buffy reboot. Click for my thoughts. Tee hee.


Mike said...

Sigh. I just read the latest Buffy.

The death wasn't earned. It feels cheap. I shrugged when it happened. That's how far off course Season Eight has gotten.

Dan said...

Man, it's Friday. Or is it Saturday? This random person named Dan typing right now is so let down.

(Do what you want, of course.)

As for the reboot, I suppose I shouldn't judge until I see it (if I ever do see it).

Dan said...

By the way, and I just read this on whedonesque, LORNE!!!

He came from another dimension, so what will happen?

Wenxian said...

*taps foot* So behind, buddy... so behind.

PatShand said...

Indeed, I'm behind on Spike #3. But only by a few days. What else?

Wenxian said...

Well, you said you'd have the review for Buffy #39 up by Thursday... so that's way behind schedule. Hell, even I got my review for that up in a semi-timely manner this time around.

PatShand said...

Attentive reading fail :(

"Also... if you guys ask nicely and butter me up (I mean with actual butter, I'm kinky), I might just maybe will review Buffy #39 on Thursday."

Someone asked me to do it... on Saturday. If a few had asked, maybe, but I don't have nearly enough interest in Season Eight to write about it if no one is reading. IDW is where my heart and brain is invested.

Oh, also, what I wanted to do (and forgot) was direct everyone to the Buffyfest review that Dan wrote. I thought that reflected on the issue way better than I could've. It made the issue read immeasurably better for me.

Wenxian said...

Wasn't aware that we had to actually grovel for a review. Figured it was just your way of saying that you'd do it. Your lack of interest is a legit reason to not want to do it, though.
For the same reason, I can't bring myself to write up reviews of Lynch's current run of the SPIKE books.

PatShand said...

Not grovel. Why so literal? I wanted to see if someone would ask for a Buffy review. No one did until way later, so I figured it was kind of pointless, seeing as how Dan from Buffyfest already said what I felt about the issue (the good stuff anyway) way more effectively than I could've. No one asked, so I didn't do it.

I will be writing a little something about Season Eight (particularly #40) today.

Also, the "is" in the following sentence should be an "are." Whoops.

"IDW is where my heart and brain is invested."

PatShand said...

Actually, consider that pooch screwed. It'll be posted on Monday. Don't have the issue on me. -_-