Monday, August 30, 2010

The Return of BCR

So, someone asked if I died.


BUFFYVERSE COMIC REVIEWS returns in a big way in September. Specfic date to be announced.

What do we return with? Eh, nothing much. Just an exclusive, in-depth interview with ILLYRIA writer Scott Tipton and ANGEL/ILLYRIA artist Elena Casagrande.

And that's just the beginning. More interviews (Brian Lynch, David Tischman, Mariah Huehner, and more IDW folks) and reviews (every Angelverse title, starting with ANGEL #37).

And perhaps the review of the last Season Eight arc. We'll see.

All leading up to a big surprise final entry sometime mid-2011.

Also, anyone read the latest Angel? That was some awesome stuff, huh? Thoughts below.


angeliclestat said...

Looking forward to seeing the site back up and running again! Although it seems that you are stopping once Angel leaves IDW.

I think we share the same opinion re: "the move" ,and I can understand your reasons, but do really you think you are not going to read 'Angel' once it moves to DH? I am as saddened by the news as you are...but after the initial shock has worn off, I do not think I will be able to *not* buy it...cos it's Angel ya know.

As for #36 - great issue. All the build up since #33 is starting to pay off now, and I think 37 and 38 will be excellent. I know a lot of people didn't like certain elements (Spike's storyline mostly), but I think it could be worth the pay off.

If only Willingham had gotton 'additional scripting' from Huehner and Tischman for the whole run, I think the run would have been accepted more. I really like the plots he has come up with, it's his dialogue is what let him down.

PatShand said...

Naw, I don't have nearly enough self-control to stop reading.

I do have more than enough to let the site Rest In Awesome with IDW's Angel series once the license goes to Dark Horse. I loved doing this, but keeping up with everything has been difficult to do while I'm trying to get my career off the ground.

I'll review every IDW Buffyverse comic until the end, and post more interviews than people will be able to read (ADD BILL WILLIAMS TO THE LIST I POSTED BEFORE), but I don't have the desire to write up stuff about every DH comic in 2011. I'm not counting the site out 100% for "Season Nine," because you never know, I suppose, but wouldn't it be nice to give the site a graceful goodbye as ANGEL leaves its proper home? I think so.

Stay tuned for greatness!

angeliclestat said...

That's good to know. Check your pm's on the IDW forum cos I have an idea I wanna run by you:)

ryan said...

I've probably enjoyed Bill Willingham's run more than most. It definitely kicked more into gear with #33 and since then its been absolutely edge of your seat riveting.

#36 was awesome.

I liked the care bear demons spreading love reference to "Boys and Their Toys".

The Soul Eater - absolutely sinister, kinda like Non but with more grit?? and more powerful since Illyria said she was from ancient power like her.

The death of Dez was tragic but such a strong plot point.

Spike's soul missing? oh what a ambitious twist. can't wait to see how this pans out.

Wonder who was on the phone to Connor. the jaro hull?

Also the Eddie Hope backups are getting more intriquing...I just wonder WHERE that backup in #36 happens. Most likely after The Devil You Know and before #33 or after #36? no idea where to place it as Angel and Spike appear but they are tied up with events in the current issues.

PatShand said...

I wouldn't call Willingham's run riveting, personally. It got better after #33, for sure, but it was pretty much garbage before then. #33 and on introduced great plot elements, but his entire run suffered from dialogue and characterization problems. I mean, Illyria's most prominent personality trait was that she didn't know if the words she was using were appropriate. Um, what? She has access to Fred's brain, it's how she speaks the language. Terrible attention to detail.

But that's because Willingham writes for five or six books at a time, and he mistakenly thought he could take on ANGEL. Looking at #36, it's clear that "additional scripting by Mariah and David" means that it's Willingham's plot but he's off the book. From pacing to dialogue to wit to knowing what happened in past episodes of Angel... it's not the same dude.

And #36 is kick ass. #35 was actually pretty good, and #34 wasn't horrible, and #33 was good (but the James reveal was so awkwardly done... just have Laura interview him? HUH?), but I'm very glad that a team who can show Angel the attention he deserves is on the book.

And Bill Williams, in general, is awesome. His back-ups have consistently been the best part of the ANGEL books.