Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angel: Last Night

Hey all. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. I just finished writing a novel, I'm in talks with a literary agent, I'm writing another novel, I'm directing an independent film (watch the trailer here, shooting wraps next month), and also I have a personal life and a day job... so the constant updates have been tough. I haven't gotten a chance to read some of the most recent comics, but I'll be catching up soon enough. Can't say I'll be able to post in-depth reviews of everything, but here's what I can promise. Every issue of Season Eight as well as every Brian Lynch penned comic will get a review in the ol' classic style.

But now.

Here's an original ANGEL webcomic I wrote a while back. Art by Pablo Praino, colors/letters by Ryan Marshall.

It takes place during ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL #16.

Here's the previously.

As a punishment for Angel's actions in the series finale, Wolfram & Hart has sent Los Angeles to Hell. Gunn has been turned into a vampire, Angel has been made into a human, Connor is dead, and it has been revealed that W&H is keeping Angel alive for nefarious purposes. He is destined to play a role for the bad in the apocalypse, and Wolfram & Hart has to keep him alive in order to do that. This comic takes place right after the climatic moment in AFTER THE FALL #16 when Angel realizes what he has to do. If he gets Gunn to kill him, he ends his timeline. Wolfram & Hart will have to send them back to the last moment Angel was alive in reality, back in the alley, back when Gunn was alive and Angel was a vampire.

This takes place between the moment of Angel's death and when W&H sends them all back to the alley. Click on the links to read.

Oh, and it features a surprise character that we haven't seen in, well...


PAGE ONE: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg128/pshand05/Angel_LastNight_page01.jpg


DANNNiam said...

It's good that you have a life. I can't say the same for myself. It's funny, I (and I imagine you) have spent hundreds of dollars on Buffyverse comics, and what has it really come to? After the Fall was great, but Season 8 - a little disappointing.

Than said...

What, are you kidding, Danniam? The current Angel ongoing series is HORRIBLE. Buffy is just...confusing right now, but at least it's written by someone who, you know, at least *watched* the show (Joss).

PatShand said...

THAN: Dannniam didn't mention the current Angel arc at all. He said "After the Fall" (issues #1-17), which, yeah, was by far superior to Buffy: Season Eight.

PatShand said...

far superior, not "by far" *

daniam said...

Just read the comic. Don't know why I missed it before. It's good! Funny, and I can hear [i]the voices[/i]. I forgot how much I miss that character.

Buffy said...



Tom said...

Nicely written, Mr. Shand. I can very much hear the characters' voices -- just like I can when Brian Lynch writes them.