Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My B.

Yup, the Angel #30 review was super late. Indeed, the Buffy #33 review hasn't come out yet, and yes, I understand how important that issue is. I've also yet to review some of the other Angel comics that have come out, and I'm sorry. It'll happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It's just been a bit difficult to get my reviews out on time... or at all. I'm trying to put all my energy that's not spent on my personal life on my writing. Putting aside the hour or so it takes to do a review has been a challenge, but I'm going to do better. I still care about these comics, I still want to eventually write these comics, and I still care about the fandom.

Buffy #33 review coming soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Or, you know, if you weren't patient, you can go to Buffyfest. They've got all sorts of stuff there to keep you busy. But I'd prefer if you stuck around here, 'cause... you know. You mah fwendz.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your reviews, and have been reading themselves for the past eighteen months. Thank you for this website! I eagerly await your review of Buffy #33. You rock!

anca said...

Err, no. I go to Buffyfest only to vote on their polls and read news on latest "interesting" Allie/Jeanty thoughts after they advertise themselves on different boards.

Waiting patiently for your Buffy#33 and Angel#31 reviews.