Monday, January 11, 2010

Twilight Revealed

The covers to Buffy #34 have leaked.

Twilight has been unmasked.

Some fans are pissed.

A certain writer is pissed.

But Buffyverse Comic Reviews? We're (again, using the plural very loosely) kind of excited.

Check out the article Pat Shand wrote because... well, it's essentially a way that this could work.

Enjoy. Leave comments at the site, please! Spread the word... unless you want to avoid spoilers. Because they are aplenty.


ryan said...

Excellent article. Eventhough this is the spoiler of spoilers i'm still excited. There still is alot to be desired and alot of questions left to be answered. It's gonna be a major drawcard for Angel's intentions to end magic... sounds like alot of grey area. Finally Season 8 is rivalling After The Fall.

This could work. Angel: Season 6 still hasn't caught up to the start of Season 8 yet. and there probably has been at least 6 or 8 months past in Season 8. There is no clash with the timeline issue.

A:ATF #17 one month had passed.

Angel: Aftermath #18 happens 2 weeks after #17 and a whole week passes by in #18.

Aftermath in total may have been about 2 weeks or a bit over. so that would mean in total 2 months since #17.

Boys and their toys would be maybe a month after Aftermath, as Conventions happen around the middle of the year.

And in the present timeline weeks or months may have passed up to #28. LOTS happened. Gunn and Illyria are back, the team is back in the Hyperion. Angel has been living the reluctant celebrity life...

So that means there is 2 months left over before The Long Way Home.

But then again Angel does not need months to become Twilight... as in Power Play he managed to conduct a plan and join the Black Thorn in a short period of time.

Who knows maybe Angel is trying to prevent the fall of man, by getting rid of magic?

wytchcroft said...

i'm glad you're excited.

my reaction is 'Oh.'

i was very annoyed at the leak - but that's done with.

what's left is the reveal itself, which - oh.

reading buffy8 has been like playing poker, one by one people have been busting and throwing in their cards.

but i've held out from day one.

still now it's my turn finally,
i'm done.