Friday, October 3, 2008

Everybody's Dead TPB

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What Is It?: This collects the entire "Everybody's Dead" miniseries, written by Brian Lynch.

Timing: Comes first in what will hopefully become a continuing series, fingers crossed, please, please?

Story: Pretty simple combination to understand here. Dialogue that is halfway between Whedon and Apatow. Characters that fit the archetypes you want to see in a college comedy, while still transcending those archetypes to become fully fleshed out characters. A supernatural situation--in this case zombies--that is both scary, hilarious, and pretty bloody. All of these ingredients are brewed up in Brian Lynch's "Everybody's Dead," a tightly written and enjoyable comic that you really have no excuse for not owning.

Few words to sum it up? Best zombie story since "Shaun of the Dead," which is probably my favorite zombie film, period. Why go Romero when you can go stoner/slacker/hilarious? Also, it ranks pretty damn high as a 'college' film, too. I'd probably put "How High" as number one, followed by this. Simply put? F***ing love it.

Art: At first I was a bit unsure about the art--I read this when it came out as individual issues, then again as a trade--but now, on the second read, I really can still see where I was coming from, I just disagree now. The art totally suits the story. It's not at all realistic, but the thing is, it's not meant to be. Dave Crosland really puts his all into making each panel as wacky as can be. The really well-defined features of each character add to Lynch's already lively cast, and the zombie "effects" are just crazy. The moment when I knew Crosland was at "you-da-man" status was in Issue 2, with the CatMutantCannibalCreature's jaw falling off. Priceless. Great detail, great movement.

Presentation: Really, really nice. Pages are thick, Lynch wrote up a nice intro, and the extras are substantial. We've got a drinking game--which I'll be trying--and a cover gallery, as well as the character designs and profiles that Brian posted on Myspace a while ago. It's very pretty.

Rating: 8/10

Non-Buffyverse Related

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