Thursday, August 21, 2008

EVERYBODY'S DEAD #5 (the conclusion)

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What Is It?: Everybody's Dead #5

Timing: Directly after Everybody's Dead #4

Note from Me: I've been kind of a spaz when it comes to reviewing comics and reporting news lately. This comic came out last Wednesday and I've already read it twice before even going to review it, and also we've got some cool new art I've yet to link. Sorry all! I've had a lot of stuff going on, both good and bad. My bird Dickie died last night, which is bad and sad. I took the cast and crew of Whatz Good Studios out to dinner last night also, which is good for fun but bad for my wallet, but still overall good shit. Annnnd, for the good stuff, we're almost 100% ready to launch Whatz Good Studios, my webcomic Epitaph (which you can see art for over at my other blog) is coming along nicely, and pretty much I spend way too much time in the day writing, so that is why I've been a ghost around here lately. I'll try to review things--whether they be Joss books, Brian books, BKV books, whatever--faster, in the future.

REVIEW: It's silly, it's hilarious, it's oddly moving, and it's pretty much what you'd expect if one of comics' best writers wrote a stoner/zombie/frat/action comic. There is no shortage of badass moments (mostly thanks to the ever awesome Jack and the SPOILER: zombified Mosby), nor are there many lines that aren't quotable. I mean, check this out:

"Im gonna leap down on them with the paddle of truth and I'm planning on saying 'the truth hurts.'"

"And you can keep each other company in my poop."

"You're like Benedict Arnold mixed with the wheelchair dude from Oz when he was on Lost, with a dash of boobs--"

"I have beer-goggled so you may live!"

"Oh. Snap."

"We're not going to Canada, Doug. They're primitive and their beers and weird."

"I defy the assholes on the world to do their worst."

And that's just me flipping through the pages and picking random funny lines. Like any Brian Lynch comic, this is filled with them. Also, at it's most simple, it's a story about your average college dude triumphing over asshole college dudes... erm, as zombies. It's sort of hard to write this review, because it's not like the last Angel book where I can kind of give a summary about what happened without really spoilering, because pretty much everything that happens in this book is a climax, a twist, or a BAMF moment.

I'll say this much. There are major fights, zomb on zomb violence, s'plosions, betrayals, atonement, more long tongues, and a great ending that both works as an ending and leaves room for more. And it's all so well-plotted that you can see that Brian Lynch was meticulous in getting this book done right. There's no doubt that Everybody's Dead is his baby, and he definitely took great care of it and produced a wonderful series with these past five issues. I am very, very much on board if more of it comes out.

Art: Dave Crosland's art is pretty much perfect for this series. At first I was wary, and thought it might have looked sort of Nickelodeony, but in reading the entire series over and seeing how the art really compliments the story, I take it back. It's not traditionally beautiful, but it's quirky, stylized, and has a nice movement to it, which this book definitely needed for all of the action scenes.

Rating: 8/10

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