Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Everybody's Dead #4

My review for Angel #9 was posted earlier today. Read here.

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What Is It?: Everybody's Dead #4 (written by Brian Lynch)

Timing: Directly after "Everybody's Dead" #3

REVIEW: You know how you can tell that a book is really good? When it feels like forever and a day since you read the last issue, but it's only been a month. When I looked back and saw that it was only May 14th since I read "Everybody's Dead" #3, I was shocked. Felt like it had at least been since April. I was aching for some Westerberg, Jack, Mosby, Doug, and co. (in a story kinda way, not man-love kinda way), and I was beyond amped when I saw that we'd be getting both ANGEL #9 and this today.

This directly continues from #3, with Doug and Jack still at the military base; Westerberg and Aurora reeling from Greta's death while dealing with a high, munchie-having Nuk (as well as the ever dim-witted Sam); and Mosby presently trying to get Internet connection while being bothered by Kristen in various stages of dress/un-dress. Kristen and Westerberg are awesome in this issue, with the former making me laugh every time she opens her mouth and the latter making me sympathize with him. Especially after seeing Aurora's new boyfriend, who--oh yeah--we get to meet in this issue.

There was some emotional stuff at work here, especially in the last pages, but Brian Lynch is ever quick-witted and manages to pack each page with jokes and references without making it seem stuffed. I loved that certain characters (who I'll leave secret for now) assumed--ahem, convinced themselves--that it wasn't a zombie but a VAMPIRE invasion. That was hilarious. Overall, it's a solid book that really drives the story forward, keeping both the humor and the heart (and it has a lot) at high, high levels.

Can't wait for the conclusion next month!

Art: Like I said before, Dave Crosland isn't what I usually like to see in comics, but his style of art really, really works for this. His character designs are great, giving each character wonky details so they stand apart from everyone else. The scene was Doug and Jack was particularly well done, and I think it's great how Crosland can go from skillfully drawing the battle scenes (the military stuff), to the horror (the zombie stuff and the final bloody pages), to the mundane (Mosby trying to get internet connection and falling off the roof).

Rating: 8/10

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