Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Alright, we're in the home stretch. IDW's ANGEL is winding down and so is this site. Over the next week, I'm going to sort of honor both of these long-running series and countdown to the finale--ANGEL: YEARBOOK--the same way I counted down to the first issue of After the Fall... with a countdown.


Angel: After the Fall #3
Angel's a Human

This was the moment in After the Fall when Brian Lynch knocked everything off the table and showed that he was playing a whole new game. It was risky, it was scary, and it was the biggest damn reveal in a Buffyverse story--ever.

Yeah, bigger than that one.

In fact, I remember writing this: "The issue ends with what is pretty much the biggest revelation/cliffhanger/thing in the history of not only Angel, but the entire Buffyverse. Holy crap."

The moment informed everything that happened in the following fourteen issues and made the timeshift back to non-Hell in #16 a real loss for Angel. Angel truly had what he'd always wanted, but it was the worst time for it--his dream come true was being used as a punishment against him, a means to stop him from helping his friends and his city. Gotta love when Angel gets poetic.

Honorable Mention: Gunn and Illyria Hit the Road (Angel #23- Become What You Are). Both of these characters did pretty terrible things in After the Fall, so it was amazing to catch up with them in this issue to see where their heads were. Brian Lynch handled the delicate situation in a sad, epic, funny, and hopeful way.

Angel #38- Cat's In the Cradle

What are you talking about, this moment didn't make me teary. You're a liar and a bully and FINE you're right.

In a moment that echoes another one of my favorite IDW scenes, Angel and Connor share a quiet moment and a hug on the roof of the Hyperion. Angel knows that he has to leave in order for Connor to grow, and Connor recognizes this too. It's the most open moment of affection we've ever seen between the two and, after all the horror they've suffered... it's very, very earned.

Honorable Mention: The Feeling After Reading After the Fall #1. Now, this isn't really a moment... it's a whole issue worth of moments--no, more than that, it's what I felt after reading the thing. It's hard to explain, but I knew that we were at the start of something special. I had no idea that Angel would eventually be on-going, no idea that Brian would tell the first story as well as he did, and no idea how important this book would become for me. But I felt something. This is how I tried to describe it. Can't believe that years have passed so quickly.


LBheart said...

Hey, good review. I'm a comic fan myself but I've never actually read a buffyverse comic, don't suppose you could give me a suggestion for my first could you?

PatShand said...

Absolutely. If you've seen all of ANGEL the TV series, "After the Fall" is the perfect place to start. If not, a lot of the SPIKE stories are great jumping on points, especially SPIKE: ASYLUM.

Here's a list of all of IDW's ANGEL and SPIKE comics in chronological order:

That's the blog I use most often. I'll be posting weekly comic reviews there, so check it out!

LBheart said...

Cheers very much, just happened to slip into the bloggin thing myself as a way to reintroduce myself to graphic novels <---that's me it is. I read through your review of Asylum, really seemed interesting so i reackon I'll go from there. I'll keep my eye out so's I will, Cheers again, LB<3

PatShand said...

I'll give it a look!

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